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Our strategic approach helps businesses to word their needs and collect real customer insights, conclude them in their strategic solution and emerge as a successful brand. We work close with our partners, we know them well, and we identify with their goals. To establish this relationship, we firstly initiate a workshop to lay down the foundation of the Brand Strategy, including the brand’s mission, vision, and their identity on the market. This strategic foundation is being followed by the Communication Plan, where we specifically address each of the target audience groups. This communication will be also the foreground for the creation for the brand’s astonishing physical and digital products.



To design and to create, is the utmost ability of mankind, an obligatory act that we must exercise in true consideration to all the social variables around us. We must realize the duality to it: an act of opportunity, and an action of responsibility. Designcommunication concludes that creation (Design) is the coefficient relationship between constant and variable natures, thus Design Management is being the result of a complex creative thinking.



Designcommunication: Integrating the communication within and across the development. A point of view which embeds the act of design within our economic environment and heightens the strategic communication to its deserved state. Communication is not being added retrospective to the development, but it is introduced in a primary manner, permanently following the process, and preliminary initiated. This helps us to implement products or services with a problem-solving attitude and having the right focus. It is important to state that Designcommunication not just includes the recognition of the problematic points within a project, but also the reflecting solutions on them. It is therefore a standpoint with an integrating and procreative manner, being in tight contact with our human values, but also being independent from any economical mechanism.

Innovation program

From idea to implementation. Many of our success stories were created from the seed of an idea. If you also just need a little boost, contact us with confidence and let’s work together!


The story

The interpretation of the concept, the methodological pairing of design and communication, is the result of a doctoral thesis, which was the result of research by Attila Cosovan, a designer and university lecturer at the Moholy University of Art and Design. The doctoral thesis was published as a book in 2009 under the title DIS.CO. The teaching of the design communication method will continue at the Corvinus University of Budapest from 2015. The name has been incorporated into the name of the Department of Marketing, Media and Design Communication.  

The basic principles of design communication. Creative messaging or relationship building is not an afterthought, but is born and encoded in the development of a product, service or process through problem finding, problem exploration and problem solving. Designing, creating and the resulting desire to connect is one of the most important gifts, opportunities, duties and responsibilities of the human race – taking into account the interaction of social constant(s) and variable(s).  

Since the existence of our species, our ability to create and design relationships has determined our integrated and differentiated, i.e. complex human thinking, which is formulated in a holistic system of relations, taking into account the minimum and maximum rules in the phenomenology of cognition, thus helping to find the optimal design and creation.

Compared to the social manifestation of design thinking, design communication steps out of the framework of design thinking, whose proactive methodology and approach is based on the Csíkszentmihályi flow (flow experience), the philosophy of the meaning-centred existential analysis of Viktor E. Frankl and the Socratic dialogue. 

Conclusion: creation is the coefficient of constants and variables; creativity is the human and emotional manifestation of the survival instinct.